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GIM Academic Excellence Scholarship Scheme

  1. Candidate offered admissions in the First merit list ONLY will be eligible to apply for the scheme. Applications for the scholarship shall mean that the student has chosen to accept all the terms of offer of scholarship.
  2. GIM may select, maximum of 22 students (including two students for Sir Ratan Tata Merit Scholarships) for the award of scholarship of Rs. 6 lakhs  and maximum of 15 students for the scholarship of Rs. 4 lakhs from amongst the applicants.
  3. The criteria and cut offs for award of Rs. 6 lakhs and Rs. 4 lakhs are different.
  4. The value of scholarship, is inclusive of “early bird fee concession” of Rs. 60,000/-.
  5. Terms and conditions for the award of Scholarships
    • Candidate will submit documents specified in offer letter to ascertain financial status of the aspirant (and immediate family members) duly attested by appropriate authority. 
    • The candidates will pay Rs. 2 lakhs as non-refundable deposit by stipulated date (electronically) but not later than 30th April 2014.
    • The non- refundable deposit and the scholarship awarded shall be adjusted against the fee payable, as decided by the Institute.
    • The award of Scholarships is at the sole discretion of GIM.
    • The scholarship is paid in two instalments, 50% in first year and 50% in second year. The continuation of scholarship in second year is subject to student securing CGPA of 5.6 or above at the end of first year.
    • Winners of Academic Excellence Scholarship will not be eligible to apply for tuition fee waiver