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B.Tech, IIT Bombay
FPM, Public Policy, MDI Gurgaon

Areas of Expertise

Public Policy, Public Service Innovation, Public Health Systems

Devasheesh Mathur

Profile & History

Devasheesh Mathur is an Assistant Professor in Healthcare Management with valuable experiences at Think Tanks and Start-ups. He is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay where he studied Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science. He later conducted research on medical implants and biomaterials. Through his research, he reduced the failure rates of dental implants. He then became interested in policy sciences and started his doctoral research at the School of Public Policy and Governance at MDI Gurgaon after working at a policy think tank. His doctoral research is titled ‘Development of Substantive Theory of Radical Innovations in Public Policies: The Process and Role of Actors in Radical Health Policy Innovations'. He was fortunate to have the ‘Father of Public Service Innovation’, Prof. Sandford Borins, in his Thesis Committee. Through his research, he has come up with a theoretical model and a strategy framework to facilitate more sustainable innovations and transformative changes in the Indian public health systems. 

He teaches courses on Healthcare Delivery Systems, Health Policy Analyses, Healthcare Innovations. He takes a course ‘Making Profits by Doing Good’, which focuses on the concept of Quadruple Bottom Line and Social Return on Investments. It is meant for organizations and employees to evaluate the purpose of doing business. 

He has published research papers in reputed international refereed journals and has also presented his research at the London School of Economics, Humboldt University, Germany and National University of Singapore among others while becoming a part of a global network of public health experts from various sectors-academia, governments, industries and civil society. He is an active member of Association of Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM), International Public Policy Association (IPPA) and Asia-Pacific Public Policy Network (AP-PPN). He has been made a member of CII Goa Chapter. 

At the institute, Devasheesh is a faculty coordinator for international admissions. He is also a member of Management Development Programmes’ Committee. He has been playing Tennis and Cricket all his life, including a stint at University level during his IIT days and now continuing at GIM too. He is an avid reader and passionately follows Formula 1 and thinks of himself as an upcoming Golfer! He loves to read Urdu poetry and indulges in writing ghazals. He enjoys playing acoustic guitar for his family and friends. 

Courses taught: Healthcare Delivery & Distribution, Healthcare Operations Management, Healthcare Innovations & Entrepreneurship, Making Profits by Doing Good, Laws & Regulations in Healthcare, Corporate and Ethical Governance

Also Teaches at: MDI Gurgaon, TAPMI, IIM Sirmaur





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Funded Projects:

  • An Assessment of the Trust and Insurance Model of Healthcare Purchasing under Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY) through a Case Study of Two States funded by National Health Agency and World Health Organization 
  • An Assessment of Integration of Government Health Schemes in Assam funded by World Health Organization 

Op-Ed Articles:

  • When Would Public Health's Health Improve, Rajasthan Patrika (Jul 03, 2019)
  • What Would Change Due to Corona in the World, Rajasthan Patrika (Mar 24, 2020)
  • Health Manifesto for Elections, Financial Express (Apr 09, 2019)
  • Rethinking Healthcare in India, Financial Express (Jan 16, 2017).
  • Perpetually Revolving Doors, Financial Express (Jun 23, 2017)


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Policy Researcher, Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations, Mumbai Business Development, Sportswave Pvt. Ltd. Gurugram.