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Student Public Relations

The Public Relations Cell seeks to develop a healthy relationship between GIM, corporates, the general populace and the State Government of Goa.

The student PR Cell is the first point-of-contact for students in search of Quality Management Education. This student-driven initiative represents Brand GIM to the world "as it is" without any hyperbole. The student PR Cell is responsible for connecting GIM with other b-schools and colleges across the country with regards to events and competitions, managing GIM's presence on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and other online forums like PagalGuy. We also keep the world connected to events and happenings through GIM's official blog and the YouTube channel CHANNELGIM. 

The student PR cell also offers media professionals a host of support in the form of press releases, photographs, quick facts, among others to enable you to know more about the B-school. It is responsible for the co-ordination of advertising, press coverage, and corporate events. Furthermore, the PR Cell handles the official GIM branded merchandise which includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, Parker pens, key chains and many more products. 

Those interested in knowing about Goa Institute of Management and its latest happenings may contact us via email or through any of the numbers listed below.


Contact Us

Student Committee

Abishay 91-9619506530
Aishwarya 91-9665198687
Kritika 91-9769018616
Navdeep 91-9643992193
Neetish 91-7002452165
Nipun 91-8860660073
Raghav 91-9103366621
Saivallabh 91-9673977790
Y. Bhavyashree 91-7755929235

Standing (L to R): Nipun, Saivallabh, Bhavyashree, Navdeep, Neetish
Seating (L to R): Raghav, Aishwarya, Kritika, Abishay