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Sankhya is a newly formed student society at Goa Institute of Management that aims to provide a home base and support the careers and skill development of GIM students who are interested in working with data and/or learning how to apply data analysis and statistical methods to business problems inherent to their chosen industry.

The mission is to create a collaborative and cordial environment where students can congregate and update/share with colleagues current data analysis techniques through workshops, competitions and various other avenues. The society also aims to provide training so that the student community can acquire the necessary statistical and computational skills to draw meaningful conclusions from generated data. 

Contact Us

Student Committee

Ayush 91-9033089593
Chaitanya 91-9699269571
Manoj 91-9791077186
Neha 91-9757157518
Ruchira 91-9370045747
Sakshi 91-9131294507
Tanmoy 91-9916343901

Standing (L to R): Manoj, Ayush, Tanmoy, Chaitanya
Seating (L to R): Neha, Sakshi, Ruchira