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The Supply Chain and Operations Club, strives to live up to the vigour of Operations enthusiasts and is a step ahead in ensuring that learning doesn't stop beyond books.

With this vision, SCOPES brings operations to the real ground, to our daily lives and, bringing new challenges every time to make learning more interesting.

The Flagship event, Prabodhan, aims upon bridging the gap between theoretical concepts and agility required to excel in the industry. By hosting some of the most prolific speakers and experts, a holistic image of the emerging trends and pre-requisite analytical skills is drawn.

During Prabodhan, the annual supply chain newsletter "Samhita" is launched, which entails articles from supply chain and operations enthusiasts across the nation.

Continuum V4.0- The National Level Case Study Competition, one of the most unparalleled competitions of its kind in the B-school fraternity, devises live business case studies every year to witness humongous participation from students across the most prestigious B schools of the nation, with scintillating case solutions from over 1000 participants across the nation.

An Insider for a day, encompasses a factory visit for students to various industrial units, to gain insights about supply chain, logistics & operations concepts learnt as part of pedagogy.

With events like Battle of Clans, Shoot'em Up and the ever popular "Beer Game", participants learn team work, strategy & competition and fundamentals of Supply chain and Operations.

Beer Game, is an open challenge for teams to compete and prove themselves as the most efficient strategists. In real life, more than the understanding one gets by playing as different entities in a single supply chain, it is the learning when numerous supply chains compete with one another, then the real strategic intent is made clear.

We constantly use digital media platforms to convey latest trends in operations and supply chain field to the students of GIM as well as update them with academic activities in regards to operations. As far as our events are concerned, they are specifically designed to ensure that team work, strategy & competition becomes enjoyable and the complex fundamentals of Supply chain and Operations become clear among all the enthusiasts.

The main endeavor of SCOPES is to facilitate learning. We try to come up with events not limited to Operations major's appeal, but to every person who wants to hone their skills in strategy and planning, and of course, not to forget a bit of challenge that titillates your brain cells.

SCOPES has taken GIM Operations stream to a national level with its Case Study competition Continuum, witnessing a huge participation from India's top B-schools.



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