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PRAYAS- The Sports Club


Sports are such a great teacher. I think of everything they've taught me: camaraderie, humility, how to resolve differences - Kobe Bryant

As much as the need for academics is stressed in GIM, students are also made to realise that the importance for sports is essential for holistic self-development. 

The Sports Club,Prayas is responsible for organising sports events of the college and taking care of any equipment requirements whenever needed. 

Prayas organises a multitude of events within the given calendar, namely:

  1.  Gully Cricket - An indoor cricketing fiesta for the gaming fanatics to try out the delicate cuts and drives in confined boundaries. 
  2. Carromania - An event encompassing carom lovers to try out their deft touches to pocket the queen
  3. Dahi Handi - Amidst Sporting extravaganzas, the cultural value imbibed in Club's ethics are justified in Matki Phod on Janmashtami to celebrate the birth of Hindu Deity Lord Krishna.
  4. Street Football - An indoor fun version of the football, which gives the players to try out their own 360's and around the world in a dribbling extravaganza.
  5. Tug OF War - An event on the grassy outfields of G.I.M to test the might via rope pulling 
  6. Ping Pong - Table tennis event to extract the precision and accuracy of players to keep the ball on table.
  7. Panache - G.I.M's very own version of walking the ramp where the managers cum model grace the event on the exciting fashion show night. 
  8. Kai Po Che - A Kite Flying spectacle to fill the G.I.M skies with colourful kites on the every makarsankrantis 
  9. Basanti - The flagship event with historical significance of its own in the name is the Cricketing Mahamukabla where the players fight for the coveted "BASANTI CUP" 
  10. Smash - The shutters battle it out in the indoor confines of the Multi-Purpose hall to be the very best in Badminton 
  11. Veeru - The hand eye coordination is finally tested with the "sports concluding event" Volleyball 
  12. Candle Passing - The calendar year is concluded by passing on the duties and responsibilities onto the juniors in an emotional setting via passing the candle to mark the end of the events for one academic year 

Our objective is to inculcate the traits of leadership, self discipline, strong character and good sports-person among its students while nurturing them to compete in dynamic business environment.

The mantra of Prayas is simple - ‘Word Hard,Play Hard' - and its mission is to awaken the sportsperson in every individual.

Contact Us

Student Committee

Abu 91-8122147613
Hemant 91-9405387487
Mayank 91-9654325580
Payal 91-7733858386
Rahil 91-7854804461
Sarvesh 91-8411026949
Supreet 91-8860421714
Yasharth 91-8299506016

Standing (L to R): Yasharth, Mayank, Hemant, Rahil
Seating (L to R): Payal, Abu Mathews, Sarvesh, Supreet