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RAZZMATAZZ - The Cultural Club

RaZzMaTaZz is the cultural club of GIM that organizes various stress-busting events throughout the year, both in and outside the campus. These include festival celebrations, parties, talent contests and many other recreational activities. These activities bring relaxation and joy for students staying away from home with a busy MBA schedule.

Our main events include:

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Student Committee

Md Areeb 91-9999193213
Mansi 91-8901031621
Mohini 91-8447862472
Naman 91-9582455052
Pulkit 91-9955872163
Raashid 91-7004863430
Rahul 91-7838738051
Shresth 91-9654323980
Tanika 91-9836983059

Standing (L to R): Pulkit, Raashid, Mohini, Rahul, Shresth
Seating (L to R): Naman, Tanika, Mansi, Areeb