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Students Advisory Council ( SAC )

The Student Advisory Council is a committee elected by the students to represent their views, opinions and sentiments before the management; acting as an interface between the students and the management. It is the apex body of various clubs functional at GIM and monitors their functioning, giving direction to future activities. The committee is responsible for maintaining discipline on campus and is the highest authority among students for conflict resolution. It also works closely with the administration in enhancing the infrastructure at the institute. The members of the Student Advisory Council are collectively as well as individually accountable for their actions towards the students.

Contact Us

Student Committee

Ankita 91-9810859873
Neha 91-9923923435
Nirmalkumar 91-9623840960
Rohan 91-8788885822
Sanish 91-9545621899
Smriti 91-8107642878
Srishti 91-9699984985
Srivatsa 91-8148526557
Swaroop 91-7002064410
Tanisha 91-7879812355

Standing (L to R): Sanish, Srivatsa, Nirmalkumar, Swaroop, Rohan
Seating (L to R): Tanisha, Smriti, Neha, Srishti