Anamika Sinha



Areas of Expertise

Organizational Behavior, Learning and Development

Anamika Sinha

Profile and History

Dr. Anamika Sinha is a PhD from University of Lucknow and has a diverse experience of having worked in NGOs, Telecom and IT firms, and academia. She has deep level understanding of human processes and is pursuant in Professional Development Program from Indian Society for Applied Behavior Sciences, New Delhi. She is certified trainer from Dale Carnegie Institute of Training and Development, A certified DISC assessor from Thomas Assessment Centre and a Certified Coach from Erickson International Ltd. Recently she added another certification to her credit. She is now an OKR coach as well. Her work experience spans over 20 years. She has consulted many organizations like MIDHANI, J and J, Embecta, GSFC, NDDB, Torrent Power, Saath, Janvikas, TRL Krosaki etc in the areas of competency mapping, HR audit and behavioral training programs. She prefers to teach subjects on learning and development, psychometric assessment, organizational and individual capability building. She also facilitates sessions at IIM, Ahmedabad for Senior Leadership Development Programs.

Research Cases

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Started career with Koshika Telecom Ltd. (Ushafone), the first cellular operators of Bihar UP and Orissa as Management Trainee, and then joined SSI Ltd to lead the franchise development team as Area Sales Manager. Then shifted to academics working for MGV’s IMR, Nasik, Amity Global Business School, Ahmedabad, Nirma University Ahmedabad. In between did a tenure at Defence Services Staff College, Wellington and an NGO Janvikas which is one of the largest NGOs of Gujarat with multiple projects in the area of Human rights and legal advocacy, NGO governance, urban skilling and education, women empowerment. 

Papers Scopus listed Journals

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  • Presented a paper at ICEIM-2020 at Pandit Deen Dayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar on “Retaining Rural Medical professionals in India: Role of Public Service Motivation”. The paper was awarded the best Prize
  • Presented a case at CII Edgefarm case study competition 2017 on “Managing a rebel: A leadership challenge”. The case won the second prize
  • Presented a case at ISB IVEY CASE CHASE COMPETITION  2013.  “To be or Not To be: Talent management challenges in a growing recruitment process outsourcing firm” The case was awarded Best case study Award in entrepreneurship category
  • Presented a case at International Case colloquium 2013, SVIM Indore on “ A tradeoff between rigidity and resource” the case was awarded the best case study award
  • Presented a co-authored paper at IIM Calcutta World Conference at Goa 2013, IIM Calcutta on “Antecedents of Knowledge Sharing: An Empirical Investigation of Information Technology Firms” in poster presentation.
  • Presented a co-authored paper at COSMAR 2013, IISC Bangalore on “ An Examination of cross functional teams towards Knowledge sharing “ The paper was awarded the best paper award in HR and OB category

Books Authored

  • Sinha, A., Muncherji, N., & Shah, R., Transforming HR Creating a culture for change and CSR. New Delhi: Excel India Publication, (2015).
  • Muncherji, N., Sinha, A., & Shah, R., Business Excellence and Leadership: Transforming HR for Enhanced Organizational Capability. New Delhi: Excel India Publication, (2015).
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Magazine cases and Articles

  • Sinha A. (2020). HR Challenges during COVID 19 crises. July Issue
  • Sinha A. (2018) Are you what you tweet, Human capital, January Issue
  • Sinha A. (2018) The Posh Infringement, Human Capital, March Issue
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  • Sinha A. (2015). Make a choice’, Human capital, April issue
  • Sinha A. (2015). Radhika’s Dilemma, Human Capital, February issue.


2013                            Best case Award at SVIM, Indore case competition

2013                            Best Professor in HRM at DNA Innovation B School Award

2013                            Best Research paper, COSMAR, IISC, Bangalore

2014                            Best Case in Entrepreneurship Category, ISB-IVEY CASE CHASE Competition

2017                            Best Case in CII Edge Farm Case Competition

2019                            Best research Paper in PDPU ICEIM Conference 

Media interviews and quotes

  • Behavioral changes required during COVID Crises, The Goan, 2020
  • Prevention of sexual harassment at work, The Goan, 2023
  • Tackling Water issues by collaborations: Towards achieving SDG 6: Water and Sanitation to all, the Goan, 2019
  • Indian Sexual Harassment panels face many limitations, The Times Higher education news report
  • Sexual Misconduct in Indian Higher education: the elephant in the room. The Times Higher Education report
  • Sexual Harassment at workplace- The Goan Times
  • Webinar on gender sensitization held at VM Salgaonkar college by Prof Anamika Sinha of GIM, Goa Herald
  • Innovations in management education in online forums during COVID-19, experiences and practices, NHRD, Bangalore Chapter Newsletter

Peer reviewed cases and papers

  • Sinha A. (2014). ‘Stress vs academic performance’, (2014). SCMS Journal of Indian Management, 11 (4) 46 
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