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About GIM

From a small beginning in 1993, with 6 faculty members, teaching a single class with an intake of 24 students in a rented premise, we have grown to 75+ full-time faculty members, six courses with an intake of over 900 full-time students, and a 50-acre campus with world-class infrastructure. We are fortunate to have had Late Fr. Romuald D'Souza as our founding Director. The institute has grown under his visionary leadership from strength to strength.

About GIM

About GIM
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About GIM

Our Mission

To create knowledge and develop responsible and agile leaders at the forefront of cutting-edge business practices. 


Explanation of the terms 

CREATE KNOWLEDGE.  GIM is a graduate institute.  We focus on the creation of basic and applied knowledge in various disciplines of business management.  We believe the creation and dissemination of knowledge is a strong foundation for developing leaders and help us understand the latest development in business practices and strengthen our teaching. 

RESPONSIBLE is sensitivity to multiple stakeholders and an ability to balance their interests. It includes understanding ethical and sustainability issues related to business decisions while mindful of long-term shareholder primacy.  

AGILE is the ability to swiftly respond to evolving technology, customers, competition and society. To be agile is to be a lifelong learner. 

LEADERS identify business opportunities and define goals and strategies. They build organizational capabilities and teams. They empower and motivate people while communicating clearly the corporate purpose within and outside the company.  

FOREFRONT OF CUTTING-EDGE BUSINESS PRACTICES refers to the ability to understand, study, create knowledge, research and adopt emerging practices, ideas, models and technologies in the world of business. 


Our Vision



The institute will be a pre-eminent business school in management education and research in India and nurtures ambitions of being a globally pre-eminent business school in the future.   


Through our immersive & holistic learning experience, we will enable every student to realize their full potential in becoming responsible, passionate, agile and transformative leaders who will have a positive impact on the world of business and society. 


Through our research, we will create paradigms for successful and sustainable business practices, and provide thought leadership for policymakers. 


Through our outreach, we will help organizations, governments and our expanding community to thrive and excel. 

Our Values


We are committed to  

  • Academic excellence 
  • Innovation 
  • Ethics 
  • Collaboration 
  • Responsibility towards society and the environment 
  • Diversity of thought and opinion.


25+ Years of Learning and counting...


The founding trustees of the Goa Institute Of Management decided to begin operations on 2nd August 1993, under the leadership of Late Founder Director Fr. Romuald D’Souza and a team of faculty and administrative staff.

The 2-year full-time PGDM program starts with 24 students at Salgaocar Law College in Miramar Campus.


The GIM Society was registered as a non- profit organization. Institute moves to the heritage building at Ribandar near Panaji.

old photos

The program expanded significantly.

Annual student intake was increased to 120 to meet the growing demand.


The Part-time PGDM program was launched.

The aim of the program is to cater to working executives with convenient weekend classes.

old photos

The institute moved from Ribandar to a sprawling 50 acre campus at Sanquelim amidst the picturesque Sahyadris.


The PGDM Health Care Management (HCM) program was launched.

The aim of the program is to provide adept future managers in all the major domains to match the increasing corporatization of the healthcare industry.


The PGDM Big Data Analytics (BDA) program was started with a vision to create future-ready, data-fluent managers, who shall be fully equipped to manage the new age of data-driven decision making.


GIM started the PGDM Banking, Insurance and Financial Service (BIFS) program to create skilled managers in the realm of new-age banking and financial services.

GIM launched its doctoral program: Fellow Programme in Management (FPM), aimed at training research scholars for a career in academia and practice

GIM goes 100% online: To meet the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, GIM trained faculty and staff members and classes moved from an offline to a complete online mode of teaching and learning.


Rated among top 4 B-schools globally in Positive Impact Rating 2021

timeline pics

GIM rolls out PGDM (Hybrid) for working executives


GIM gets AMBA and BGA Accreditation.

Gets selected as United Nations PRME Champion 2023

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Director’s Message - Dr. Ajit Parulekar

Goa Institute of Management (GIM) continues to pursue lifelong learning opportunities and all-round accomplishments for our students, faculty members, and community. As part of constant renewal, we re-imagined our vision and mission in 2021 following an organization-wide thinking and consultation process. All our programmes continue the excellent performance, and graduating students are received well by the industry. Our alumni occupy prestigious positions as industry leaders and entrepreneurs. The 2021-23 batch has secured 100% placement by mid-December with a significant salary rise for all four PGDM programmes. Our students continue to create outstanding placement records, with this year’s top CTC being highest in the history of GIM.

In academia, the impact of intellectual contributions is manifold. GIM encourages faculty engagement in building intellectual capital through research and consulting. As demonstrated in the GIM faculty’s research output, the intellectual contribution has increased year on year for the last five years, both in terms of number and the ranking of journals. We have strengthened our processes around achieving and improving academic excellence and rigour, this is reflected in a jump in our ranking to 33 at the NIRF 2023. We are forging ahead in our journey and earning recognition for our progress. We are an AMBA, BGA, SAQS and NBA accredited Institution and continue our journey for other international accreditations.

Business education is at an inflection point, and we at GIM strive to equip future leaders with competence and character to address emerging global business and social challenges. Our focus has been to integrate the elements of technology-driven management, responsibility, social sensitivity and happiness into organizational leadership and value-based management. We believe it is the need of the hour to create morally healthy, technologically competent, socially sensitive & sustainable organizations. GIM has been winning several accolades on this front. We were recently declared a "Highly Commended - Sustainability Institute of the year" at the International Green Gown Awards 2022. GIM is the only Indian academic institution to receive this prestigious commendation, in addition to being a finalist in the Student Engagement category. This builds on our ‘Best for the World’ level 5 rating by Positive Impact Rating in 2021 and 2023. Our students have done well at the AIM2Flourish competition as well. The FlourishPrizes 2023 honoree for Global Goal 10 was awarded to GIM students’ story entitled “Access for All - What does that even mean” featuring Access for ALL in India. We continue to inculcate sensitivity towards society and the environment in our students and demonstrate these sensibilities in running the institute as a green and zero-waste campus. 

‘Learning Never Stops at GIM’ defines the ethos of our programs – that learning is a continuous process. For our PGDM programs, out-of-class activities like student clubs; the experience of living on a diverse campus interacting with students from all states of the country, different academic disciplines, and varied religious backgrounds; a good measure of exposure to international students through student exchange programs as well as the India immersion programs GIM conducts for students from the United States, Belgium, Spain and Poland; the uniqueness of GIM being the only campus in India that has a rock band, a theatre group, a film and photography group, and several other such interesting opportunities for experiential learning; being part of GIM’s much appreciated and awarded social sensitivity and community engagement program called GiveGoa and several other opportunities of holistic learning complement our rigorous classroom-based programs. 

The dedicated facilities for Atal Incubation Centre were inaugurated in March’21 under the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), a flagship initiative set up by the NITI Aayog to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the country. AIC-GIM has been attracting a record number of entrepreneurs for incubation and participation in its activities; and currently mentors and supports 41 start-ups and in addition, AIC-GIM operates 2 specialised incubators, Fierce Kitchens (a culinary incubator) and HubCE (a sustainability incubator). MeITY Startup Hub and Startup India “Seed Fund” Scheme have selected AIC-GIM Foundation for the disbursement of funds for over 6 Crores of Seed Money. 

I welcome all the students joining the 2023 batch and look forward to their journey of learning, interactions, self-improvement, cultural sensitization, and enjoying vibrant campus life. I trust that you will have a fruitful and enjoyable tenure at GIM as well as leave your mark on the institute.

ajit parulekar4