Ashay Kadam



PhD New York University
MBA IIM Ahmedabad
BTech IIT Bombay

Areas of Expertise

Derivatives, Credit Risk

Ashay Kadam


Profile and History

Prof. Ashay Kadam got his PhD from the Stern School of Business, New York University in 2002. His past research and teaching spans finance, statistics and operations research. His current work focus is on financial inclusion in India, especially where the solutions are facilitated by fintech.

Courses offered:
Financial Engineering, Python for Finance


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  6. Optimal bankruptcy time and consumption/investment policies, on an infinite horizon with continuous debt repayment until bankruptcy, with Monique JeanBlanc and Peter Lakner, Mathematics of Operations Research (2004) 29(3), 649‐671.


Held academic positions at several reputed institutions including the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, City University London, National University of Singapore, and Indian School of Business.