Why we do what we do

We conduct events for students to face live case studies, organize virtual games and quizzes to test their creativity and marketing acumen. We conduct on-field marketing events to provide a first-hand market experience and exposure to selling various products to the public. We also conduct workshops to keep the students abreast with the latest advancements in the marketing world

Events We Organize



It is India's most recognized student-organized corporate quiz and sees the participation of renowned quizzers from all over the country. Started in 2000 and was envisioned to boost student-corporate interaction. This quizzing event has already created a brand recall for itself in the mind of quizzing aficionados through its unique format. It sees participation from prestigious establishments of the country and several notable quizzers who have been national winners of quizzes like Tata Crucible and Brand Equity.

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Bootcamp 5.0"

Students provide solutions to a live case study presented by a leading brand.

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Marketing Connect

A set of workshops conducted by veterans in the marketing field on evolving market trends to increase the knowledge base of our students

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A set of virtual games and quizzes to test the creativity and marketing acumen knowledge of the participants

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Sale- Away

An on-field marketing event providing participants with first-hand market experience and exposure to selling various products to the public on a beach

Current Members

Ayush Pathak


Kajal Ubaid


Manjusha Bakal


Meenal Paltani


Rhythm Kaushal


Sakshi Khandelwal


Saurabh Malik


Varun Sharma