Why we do what we do

To inculcate the traits of leadership, self-discipline, strong character and
good sports-person among students. To realise the importance of sports for
holistic self-development.

Events We Organize



Yes, you got it correct, fever of carrom. Carromania is an event encompassing carom lovers to try out their deft touches to pocket the queen

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Dahi Handi

Amidst Sporting extravaganzas, the cultural value imbibed in Club's ethics are glorified in Matki Phod on Janmashtami to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna

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Street Football

An indoor fun version of the football, which gives the players to try out their own 360's and around the world in a dribbling extravaganza

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Tug of War

An event on the grassy outfields of GIM to test the might via rope pulling

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Ping Pong

Every year more than 200 participants participate in this event to showcase their talent by unpredictable serve and unbeatable smashes in a game of Table Tennis

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Gully Cricket

An indoor cricketing fiesta for the gaming fanatics to try out the delicate cuts and drives in confined boundaries

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Basanti Cup

The flagship event with the historical significance of its own in the name, is the Cricketing Mahamukabla where the players fight for the coveted "BASANTI CUP"

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The shuttler battles it out in the indoor confines of the Multi-Purpose hall to be the very best in Badminton

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Veeru Cup

The hand-eye coordination is finally tested with the sports event, Volley Ball

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GIM's very own version of walking the ramp where the managers cum model grace the event on the exciting fashion show night

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Kai Po Che

A Kite Flying spectacle to fill the GIM skies with colourful kites on every Makar Sankranti

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The beautiful game of football on the lush green ground of GIM showcases the true spirit of football in every term where PGP1 and PGP2 face each other on the field

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Sports Workshop

In GIM, Prayas organises various sports workshops conducted by well-trained coaches

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Candle Passing

The calendar year is concluded by passing on the duties and responsibilities onto the juniors in an emotional setting by passing the candle to mark the end of the events for one academic year

Current Members


Antony George



Debajyoti Bhatta



Ishaan Singh



Ishudeep Tiwari



Nischal A



Rahul Shroff



Rajvanshee Panigrahy



Rohan George



Rushikesh Gawas



Vedant Deshmukh