Why we do what we do

To ensure that students from all disciplines are aware of finance-related concepts and gain relevant experience by participating in activities that simulate real-life scenarios ranging from stock trading to auctions.

Events We Organize

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An old-school floor trading competition and one of the most sought-after events organized by SOFIA where participants trade on commodities like Crude Oil, Gold, and Copper just like the way trading used to take place before the development of online trading.

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In line with mixing fun with learning, this game tested participants’ ability to manage their wealth in a stressful situation. The game is in line with the IPL auction model wherein teams were given a fixed budget and they had to bid for players to form a cricket team.

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A National level Finance Quiz competition where participants get the chance to showcase their talents and skills, by pitting them against some of the brightest young minds, hailing from B-schools throughout the nation.

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Trading Leagues

SOFIA in collaboration with simulation trading platforms organizes exciting leagues where participants can hone their trading skills, learn, and earn with zero risks.

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Campus Awareness

Campus awareness about various finance certifications like FLIP, FinShiksha, and challenges such as CFA Research Challenge.

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Eminent Speakers

Periodic talks by eminent economists and finance industry personalities

Current Members


Akshat Gupta



Gobind Singh Mutreja



Jhanvi Shah



Naureen Jameel



Rahul Kaushik



Ramansh Sharma



Razia S



Siddhi Shinde