PGDHM (Healthcare and Hospital management), M.Phil., Ph.D

Areas of Expertise

Healthcare Quality, Hospital Operations, Hospital Business

Arif Raza


Profile & History

 I have a keen interest in the nuances of healthcare delivery with a specific focus on quality of care and patient safety. After having worked with few hospitals in managerial capacity and having offered management consulting services to several others, I have a developed a deep realization of the crucial role that ‘quality of care’ plays in healthcare delivery. My more than one and a half decade of work experience has enriched me with a deeper sense of understanding on how healthcare world functions, which has shaped up my perspective of how a healthcare organization must operate to effectively achieve its objectives. I am also keen on exploring and working on solutions to some known but pressing problems in healthcare, such as access to care. Realizing the interconnectedness of the healthcare world, I remain observant on what’s happening in other domains of healthcare, such as Healthcare Financing, Healthcare product manufacturing, Technological Innovations and Emerging Models of healthcare deliveries. Have been fortunate enough to be involved in several projects that cut across various domains of healthcare, making me more aware and informed about the larger picture of healthcare. Research methodology fascinates me and I try as much as possible to support my teaching and consultancy with robust research and data. As a professional, I do keep myself available for newer learnings, discussions and dissemination of knowledge, through conferences, workshops, corporate trainings etc. I maintain a blog, where I share hospital management specific content that I have developed with my years of experience. That’s in brief about me. Thank you for the patient reading.

  • Courses taught: Managing Hospital Services, Hospital Planning and Design, Quality Management in Healthcare, Healthcare Structure and Systems, Research Methodology in Healthcare
  • Also teaches at: T.A. Pai Management Institute



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  • ‘Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations’, through Jaypee Publishers 
  • ‘Contemporary Approaches to Patient Relations’; for Symbiosis Centre for healthcare management
  • ‘Hospital Accreditation and Quality Management System’; for Symbiosis Centre for healthcare management 


  • Recipient of Dewang Mehta B-School Award for ‘Best Professor in Healthcare Management’ in 2014 and in 2019
  • Indicative list of topics on which I conduct ‘Corporate training sessions’
    • ‘Supply chain management in healthcare’ for supply chain heads of hospitals, sponsored by Johnsons & Johnsons 

    • ‘Public Relations in Hospitals’ for PROs of Government hospitals in Goa 

    • ‘Health Insurance’ for public health professionals for Government of Chhattisgarh 

    • ‘Effective Programme Management’ for public health professionals 

    • ‘Quality Improvement in Healthcare’ for doctors of public hospitals 



15 years; 9 years in industry (hospitals and public health) and 6 years in academics