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MBA, Ph.D.(Pursuing)

Areas of Expertise

Services Marketing, Branding and Hospital Administration

Nafisa Vaz e Desouza

Profile & History

She has an experience of over 10 years in the area of healthcare. Her rich corporate experience is concentrated in the area of Operations and Healthcare Branding. She has extensive experience working with hospitals, diagnostics and the Insurance Industry. She has worked with brands like the Manipal Health Enterprise Ltd, Apollo Group, SRL Diagnostics, Goa Ayurvedic Hospital and ICICI Prudential Health Insurance. Having worked in various sectors of the healthcare industry she brings with her deep insights into the best practices followed in the healthcare industry. She has carried out consulting assignments for several reputed private organisations and the government including NHA and the WHO for projects on the Ayushman Bharat Scheme launched by the Government of India. She has published papers in National and International journals and has book chapters to her credit. Her Research interests are mainly in the area of Services Marketing, Branding and Design thinking. Her wider areas of research include Health care marketing, Digital Marketing, Universal Health, Patient Satisfaction and E- Health.

Courses taught: Services Marketing, Marketing Research and Analytics






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