P Balasubramanyam

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Applications of Artificial Intelligence to day-to-day life


  • M.Sc. (Statistics) , Sri Venkateswara University
  • M.Phil. (Statistics), Sri Venkateswara University
  • Ph D (Statistics) , Sri Venkateswara University

Areas of Expertise

Artificial Intelligence, 
Machine learning, 
Manufacturing Analytics

P Balasubramanyam

91 9591984788

Profile & History

Dr P Balasubramanyam, Associate Professor at Goa Institute of Management in Big Data Analytics department has more than 20 years of working experience in IT and manufacturing domains. He led successfully many projects through applying Machine learning and AI techniques to complex manufacturing and connected industry domains. Majority of his experience involves prediction modelling and supply chain management related topics where he is able to create and implement several tools and techniques in the manufacturing industry. Several initiatives in these areas resulted in cost reduction as well as productivity improvement for the domains where it has been implemented for practical use. 

He holds the doctorate degree in statistics from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati with a focus of applying Neural networks in forecasting topic. He also delivered key notes at various academic institutions and presented his thoughts at various national and international conferences. His primary research focus is in the area of applying the artificial intelligence for the betterment of human lives on the earth and spreading the notion of science for the betterment of lives among the younger generations. His research interest lies in the areas of supply chain management for manufacturing and predictive modelling for better decision making. 

Courses taught: 

  • Data Preparation,
  • Predictive Modelling, 
  • Optimization Techniques, 
  • Business Statistics
  • Quantitative Methods






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20 Years of manufacturing and IT industry and 4 years of Academic industry