Pravat Surya Kar


and telling stories 


PhD, NIT, Rourkela; Certified ITP, LBS, London 

Areas of Expertise

Marketing Strategy, Behavior Change

Pravat Surya Kar


Profile & History

 Dr. Kar is an Associate Professor, in marketing area at Goa Institute of Management. He has more than 20 years of academic and industry experience. It includes five plus years of full-time industry experience and, 15 plus years, of core academics - teaching and guiding students. He has also led several institution development activities, consulting assignments, and research projects. His areas of strength are marketing productivity, consulting, behavior change etc. Apart from teaching, currently he is leading an institutional project for enhancing faculties’ online teaching capabilities at GIM (on going). Experimenting with pedagogical innovation is one of his hobbies. 

At GIM, in past he had held responsibilities like - Program Chair PGDM Part Time (2 Years), PGDM-Part-time’s admission in charge (3 Years), Chair Marketing Area. (1 Year), Led Students Leadership Development initiative at GIM. (5 Years), Member of GIM’s Curriculum Review Committee (2018). Select industry projects led by him in recent past includes - Strategic reorientation of Entertainment Society Goa (ESG), A state government enterprise, (ESG, hosts the International Film Festival of India.); Industrial water usage in the state of Goa, Fomento Group; and, A study to enhance occupancy of International Center Goa, Goa. 

His research interest is management of relationships and marketing strategies. Teaching, and mentoring is a natural part of his personality - care, commitment, and honesty - summarizes his philosophy toward life. He is professional who loves to passionately assist people to improve their value and happiness. 

Courses taught: Marketing Management, Rural Marketing, Social Marketing
Also teaches at: Selected platforms by invitation on B2B and Services Marketing
Others: He is a seasoned business consultant and expert academic administrator.



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Book Chapters:

  • Kar, Pravat Surya (2018), “Sustainability Research, Practice and Role of ‘Community Orientation’” in an edited book volume of the Sustainability Summit 2017, published by the Xavier University Press. 

 Other Published Cases and Teaching Aids

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Started professional career in 1999, during his long career he has worked with Eli Lilly, a major pharmaceutical MNC, as a territory sales manager in the south Calcutta region. Later moved to power distribution utilities like NPCL, Noida, and WESCO, Orissa, in India. During those corporate assignments his responsibilities included customer relation, business development, and project management. He has successfully led several sales & marketing campaigns both at B2C & B2B levels. He had also been associated with XIMB Bhubaneswar’s consultancy wing. Prior to GIM, in academics he had launched an under graduate course in Journalism and had played a key role in organizing two national seminars & two FDPs. H had also led placement and program admin activities at different points of time.