What we do

  • Leverage social media handles connecting by our 6000+ Alumni from different parts of the world and helping them to stay updated on different activities conducted by the college.
  • Conduct various events and campaigns with a vision to connect, engage and celebrate GIM alumni across the globe.
  • Serve as a channel for present students to learn from alumni experiences and explore employment opportunities.

Activities we organize

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Grand Alumni Meet

An annual event that brings back the alumni to the campus and lets them relive their old memories. The Grand Alumni Meet is a day-long event attended by our alumni from all around the world. It provides our alumni a platform to connect with the students and faculty and also strengthen their network and socialize with their old college mates

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Summer Solstice

An event to encourage students to excel in their Summer Internships. The event is judged by prominent Alumni from the institute and a gold medal is awarded to the student for best summer internship project

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Annual meets held in the summer across eight Indian and 5 International cities to facilitate interaction between alumni and internship students based in those cities as well as the GIM faculty. Undeterred by the pandemic,S.A.R.C. hosted the first of its kind virtual imprints in 2020 in two phases

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Alumni Recruit Connect (ARC)

An initiative wherein we connect our fresh graduates to our alumni base in the organizations where they are placed, thus strengthening the bond between our alumni and our alma mater

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Alumni Intern Mentorship (AIM)

A program wherein we connect our first-year students with our alumni based in the organizations where they have secured Summer Internship Projects

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International Meets

Alumni meets arranged across foreign destinations where our senior faculty/Director is scheduled to visit during a predetermined time of the year

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An event where alumni are invited to visit the campus to have interactive sessions with students. The event connects the alumni with the students and helps the students gain insights into the current scenario of the industry

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“10 Year Reunion –Reunite. Revisit. Relive.” is conducted every year for the batch which graduated a decade ago from the alma mater. Encompassing many segments, it helps alumni catch up with their batchmates after a decade to celebrate friendship and also interact with the students and faculty of the institute

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Online Campaigns

Online campaigns run across social media handles (Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn) which highlight the career journeys and achievements of our alumni each garnering a viewership of over 10,000 users

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Campus to Corporate

An event where we present the opportunity to students to benefit from the experiences of Alumni through their life stories and corporate learnings.

Current Members


Anadi Vatsa



Jahnawi Singh 



Nishita Bhardwaj 



Pranay Upadhyay 



Priyal Nyati 



Ritika Enagandula 



Sananda Maity 



Sanmay Kude 



Shaun Sequeira 



Shivani Solanki 



Smruti Kamath 



Vikesh Shetty