Dr. Anurag Dugar



Ph.D., MBA (Marketing), M.Com (Business Administration) and PGDBM (Marketing)

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Anurag Dugar

Profile & History

Dr. Anurag has more than 20 years of enriching experience in teaching, training and practice of Marketing. Currently he is associated with Goa Institute of Management. Prior to that he has been associated with IIM Shillong. Prior to that he has worked with IIM Bangalore, SIBM Pune, ICICI Bank Business Leadership Programme, Leeds Metropolitan University’s India Campus etc. He is a visiting faculty at some of the new IIMs. 
Along with a doctorate, he is also a qualified MBA (Marketing), PGDBM (Marketing) and Master of Commerce (Business Administration). He loves training and discussions on anything marketing and his favourite courses are – Brand Management, Services Marketing and Consumer Behaviour.

Courses taught: Services Marketing and B2B Marketing

Also Teaches:  IIM Nagpur





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  • International Conference on Issues and Challenges in Retail Sector and FDI in India and Across the World organized by Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies (Feb’13) 
  • FDP conducted by ICICI Bank for its Education Partners (July’11)
  • International Conference on Brand Management at IMT Ghaziabad (Dec’08)
  • National workshop on "Research Methods in Marketing" (Mar’05) 
  • FDP on Sales & Distribution Management at INC Staff College, Gurgaon (Feb’08) (6 day program)
  • 40 Day Faculty Training Program  at INC Staff College, Gurgaon (Dec’07 – Jan’08)
  • FDP on “Innovative Techniques in Management: Research and Cases” organized at International Institute of Informatics and Management (Dec’06) 
  • National Summit on Human Resource Management: Challenges & Opportunities (July’06)
  • National Conference on “Building Competency In Higher Education Institutes: The TQM way” (Jan’06)
  • National Summit on Human Resource Management: Challenges & Opportunities (July’05) 
  • Workshop on "Research Methods in Marketing" (Mar’05)


20 plus years in industry and academics